A Ten Part Programme To Help You Find Your Brocante Muse...

I don't want to be ordinary. I don't want be just another Mummy. Just another blogger. I want to be the bestest, most fabulous version of me that I am capable of being. She who knows who she is and wears no disguise. She who dreams big dreams and take baby-steps towards a more spectacular way of life daily. She who lives her dream in every aspect of her being.

I don't want to be ordinary. I want to be an own work of art. I want to meet my inner muse, and dance the polka through rooms that thrill both of us: to feed her imagination with literature and art, design and poetry, to find out what makes her laugh till she cry's. To see how she looks with tears trickling down her cheeks.

I want to know if my muse wears vintage fur or saucy underwear. If she feels at her most beautiful in painters overalls or a fifties frock. If she prefers a golden tan or the alabaster porcelain skin that is naturally hers. I want to offer her a bedroom that thrills her heart. To pile upon her bedside, books that awaken something deep inside her, and to decorate her dressing table with trinkets and lovelies that tell me her story. I want to listen carefully as she whispers her truths and gets brave enough to live them...

Yes. I want to get to know my inner muse and through her I want to get to know myself, so I can BE myself: truly, madly, deeply ME.

There are women on this planet who manage it you know: women in our sphere who are nothing but themselves, day in, day out. Hell I could name twenty women from my Twitter stream who inspire me daily with their total, complete and absolute commitment to their own authenticity. Women who, from their head to their toes aren't pretending. Think Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic and Robin Brown from Magnolia Pearl. Women who are the walking embodiment of their chosen aesthetic. Think Dita Von Teese and Martha Stewart. Audrey Tatou and Helena Bonham Carter. We don't have to respect their style to know that each and every one of these woman is in touch with her inner muse and channels her daily. And yes Dita's muse is ever so slightly more flamboyant than Martha's but in each woman we find commitment to who they are. Who they have come to know they are and how from that have forged utterly scrumptious careers...

But tell me this? How are we going to get brave enough to channel our own muse? What if she turns out to be a little bonkers? What if we alienate our friends and children and easily appalled Aunties and little dogs with who we want to be? What then I ask you? What then??

To that I say only this: we will never know until we meet her. Until we court her and huddle in libraries and vintage dress shops with her. Until we say phooey to being ordinary and embrace the possibility that our very own brand of eccentricity might just be a good thing...

Knowing ourselves inside out is key to a fabulous life.

Everything from what level of dirt and dust makes us feel twitchy, to how our hormones dictate the way we look at any given time in the month. There are forces inside us you see to which we are beholden and our inner muse is already working with them. Already able to tell us why resistance is futile when it comes to lilac tea-cups and why it is utterly pointless embracing a new housekeeping regime in the third week of the month, cos it just ain't gonna wash with the part of us that want's to snuggle under blankies for those seven days...

We have to get to know ourselves. To find our tribe and identify our very own vintage muse. To immerse ourselves in the kind of culture that floats our happy little boats and reject all that feels uncomfortable or worse, fake about the lives that we are currently leading, We have to get crazy comfortable with who we are, or else my Sweets, this is it, this is all there is: a life unfulfilled. A life where we never really gave ourselves opportunity to be who we truly wanted to be...

I can do this. We can do this. We can find our inner muse's and we can take them ballroom dancing. So wanna come along for the ride? Off course you do! You want to feel alive don't you..?

And so my gorgeous ones, welcome to my latest project: MUSE. A six month long, 12 download journey to a meeting with your inner muse, ... taking in Anais Nin, The Wizard of Oz and Anne of Green Gables along the way!

Your Instructor

Alison May
Alison May

Alison May is Chief Housekeeper at BrocanteHome.Net.

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